Our Process


1. Detailed Assessment and Repair Planning

  • Inspect, markup and photograph entire vehicle
  • Disassemble damaged areas to expose underlying damage
  • Create thorough estimate and repair plan and order the necessary parts
  • Coordinate insurance approval

2. Mechanical and Body Repairs

  • Our ASE Master Mechanical Technician addresses all mechanical issues associated with the repair
  • Our I-Car Certified Technicians use state of the art equipment to complete quality repairs

3. Prepping and Refinishing

  • The paint team preps the area, so paint only goes where it is supposed to and stays there
  • The PPG and I-Car certified painter matches the paint to your vehicle
  • Paint and protective clear coat is then applied so the repaired area shines like it came from the factory

4. Reassembly and Recalibration

  • Your vehicle then goes back to the body technicians to install, fit, and align all remaining parts
  • We then perform any required recalibrations and scan the vehicle one more time to make sure all fault codes are no longer present

5. Detail and Final Quality Check

  • While we focus on keeping your vehicle clean throughout the repair, we always make sure it is returned to you with a thorough wash, wax, touch up, and vacuum
  • Each step of the process has a quality check before it moves to the next, but every vehicle has to pass a quality check before the keys are handed back to you