Repair Authorization Form

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Authorization of repair

By signing the authorization of repair, you acknowledge that we will begin the parts ordering process. If you do not complete the repairs with Corona Paint and Body and parts must be returned there is a potential for restocking fees which will be charged to you. You also authorize Corona Paint and Body charge you for or withhold these fees from the down payment amount to be returned.

Throughout the repair process we will be required to scan the vehicle. Scanning the vehicle does result in the sharing of personal information. By signing the repair authorization, you acknowledge that personal information will be obtained and authorize Corona Paint and Body to retain that information.

We are not responsible for any items lost.

We cannot release vehicle if the payment is not paid in full. For customers with insurance claims, preliminary check must be released to Corona Paint & Body prior to repair(s) if check has been issued.

Deductible will be collected upon delivery of the vehicle. We do not accept American Express or Personal checks for payment.

A storage fee of $25.00 + tax will be applied 3 days after repairs have been completed and customer has been notified. Payment must be paid in full to avoid storage cost.

We will do our best to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible; however, estimates are subject to change. Identification of further damage during disassembly, labor required to complete the repair or parts availability may cause adjustments in the final invoice.
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